Here is some recent feedback from some of John's referrals concerning  his work:

I’m grateful for you and your help in starting my recovery. I attended an SAA meeting earlier today with my sponsor and was just extremely grateful to be working the steps.  I don’t think I would be doing the work I’m doing today If it wasn’t for you. Thank you very much, Jorge.  11/27/2019 

"This has been a wonderfully informative training that is not only relevant but timely. I appreciate that it was not a presentation that was overly bogged down with numbers data, but rather relevant and practical techniques that w can look into an use to protect our student body!! Thank you so much!" Trinity International Administrators/Staff. (Regarding CESAP Training) 08/10/17

"John, I have to tell you that your evaluation was actually better than most I have seen in a while. I have been doing this job for fifteen plus years. I like the additional added information regarding sex addiction. As far as the evaluation, it was very thorough and I believe that it answered our questions."  Lisa S. (New Jersey DFS) 

"Dear Mr. Pacult, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your professionalism and compassion. Thank you for your level of understanding and your method of questioning. My son was able to really open up and share his innermost feelings and for that I am so grateful. After the evaluation he said "Wow, mom that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. He didn't judge me at all." 11/27/16

"The Judge was very happy with your report.  The District Attorney actually made the comment during sentencing that it was the best report she's received.  Everyone was happy with how thorough it was.  Thank you again for your help.  We will continue to send people your way when we need it."
Shain 12/7/16


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John S. Pacult, LCSW Inc.

I always try and contact you first because I trust and respect you (when I was a DA and as a defense attorney)!! Craig Hendricks, Esq. DeCastroverde 

Law Group  11/2019