John S. Pacult, LCSW Inc.


PSYCHOSEXUAL EVALUATIONS:  Helps to determine an individual's risk to reoffend sexually and provides recommendations for the Court and referring parties. Cost $1000-$2000.

DANGER EVALUATIONS:  Provides a risk to reoffend in Child Abuse, Neglect and Endangerment cases, along with recommendations for the referring parties. Cost $1000-$2000.

COMPETENCY EVALUATIONS: In misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases determines if the defendant understands the nature of their charges, can aide in their own defense and understands the roles of court personnel. Cost $1000-$2000.

DEFENSE MITIGATION WORK: Provides an in-depth mental health assessment of clients in criminal defense cases to help inform/educate the judge, district attorney and parole and probation as to what underlying issues are connected with the defendant's criminal actions. Cost $1000-$3000.

EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY:  Court testimony for both the defense and State to help educate juries concerning grooming, victim dynamics and offender dynamics. (Request rate sheet)

School Consultation Services: Review of policy and procedures, staff training and on site campus presence. (Contact for more information)

INDIVIDUAL, COUPLES AND FAMILY THERAPY:  Offered on a sliding fee basis.  Private insurance is not accepted.